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Sprit Pond - Photo by Carol Main

Phippsburg Land Trust Mission

The Phippsburg Land Trust preserves, protects and stewards special wild and natural places in Phippsburg for the benefit and education of our children, grandchildren and future generations.

The properties of Phippsburg Land Trust are open to all, year round, free of admission from dawn to dusk.


Hunting Season is upon us…

Phippsburg Land Trust supports traditional uses of its fee owned properties and trails.  This is the time of year where you may encounter hunters on our properties.  All of us, hunters and walkers, will be sharing our preserves this time of you. So please, exercise due care while visiting our preserves. First and foremost, wear BLAZE ORANGE – especially on your dog(s) if they are walking with you. Be aware of your surroundings; if you pull into one of our PLT parking areas and see a truck or other vehicle with gun racks or people standing about with rifles/shotguns, that’s a good indication that there are hunters about. 

So here are the important dates to know:

Deer Firearms season is from Monday Nov. 1st through Saturday Nov. 27th. Hunters may use muzzleloading rifles only from Monday Nov. 29th through Saturday Dec. 11th.

Fall Turkey hunting season ends Tuesday Nov. 9th, though other birds may be in season through the end of December.  A complete list can be found at: https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/21-MDIFW-13-Hunting-Seasons-2021-22.pdf

Please, if you visit our preserves during hunting season, wear blaze orange whether you are walking our trails or hunting on (or near) our properties. Remember that there is no hunting on Sundays – a great day for walkers to visit our preserves. This time of year is also a great time to visit our smaller parcels, where hunting is not possible due to the size of the preserve or its proximity to roads or houses, such as the Noble Hill Preserve, the Gamble Preserve at West Point, the Fiddler’s Reach Meadow and the McDonald Sanctuary Preserve. Properties where PLT holds an easement (such as Mary’s Woods, the Bijhouwer Preserve, and Greenleaf Preserve) allow hunting only with landowner permission, and no hunting signs may be posted at these preserves. 

Hunters – Phippsburg Land Trust welcomes you. Please follow all local and state hunting rules. Most importantly, always be certain of your target, and ensure you are not within 100 yds of any building when firing your weapon.  Please remember that all our preserves are multi-use at this time of year, and there may be others present who are not hunting, including those who have dogs or children with them. All of our preserves are abutted by private properties, where there may be livestock, domestic animals, or children out and about while you are hunting.  Please be aware of the direction your shot may travel and the location of buildings in the area.  

The Phippsburg Land Trust does allow the use of temporary tree stands during hunting season, as per the state laws  regarding stands. Please let us know you are placing a stand, and please remove your stand after the season has ended. The following PLT preserves are open to hunting: The Cooley Preserve at Center Pond, Ridgewell Preserve, McKay Farm Preserve, Duley Farm Preserve, Morse River Marsh Preserve, the southern section of McDonald Marsh Preserve (the north/northeast section is firearm prohibited and is signed as such), and Sprague Pond (note that Sprague Pond is bounded by Nature Conservancy property on the north and west, which may not allow hunting).

If you have questions please call 443-5993, or for local hunting questions contact our friends at the Phippsburg Sportsman’s Club.  Let’s have a safe and productive hunting season.


Visiting PLT properties in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phippsburg Land Trust is monitoring the COVID 19 pandemic, and will continue to do so going forward.  Outdoor spaces are a wonderful piece of free medicine at all times, but especially now, and as such PLT preserves will remain open to the public from dawn to dusk throughout the current situation. Some things you should consider before visiting:

  1. Our preserves tend to have small parking lots, which means if the lot is full, there may be no other safe parking area.  To maintain safety for our visitors and those driving the roads, including first responders, we ask that if the parking area for the preserve you were planning to visit is full, consider a visit to a different preserve for this trip.
  2. Many of our preserves are surrounded by private properties.  Please be aware of this, and do not stray onto adjacent properties. Please keep dogs under control at all times, and prevent them from straying onto private property as well.
  3. We adhere to CARRY IN – CARRY OUT principals; please help to keep our trails clear of human debris (and pet deposits) so all walkers can enjoy the outdoors at our preserves.
  4. Trails are often narrow. If other walkers are approaching to pass from the opposite direction or overtaking your pace, please step off the trail to allow for safe physical distancing even outside.
  5. As much as we might wish to, we cannot control the ticks, mosquitos, or blackflies on our preserves. So come prepared and exercise good tick control measures. 
  6. The Phippsburg Land Trust relies on volunteers to monitor and maintain our preserves. Please let us know if there is a problem with a trail (like a fallen tree, for example) so we can keep our trails accessible! Call 443-5993 or email stewardship@phippsburglandtrust.org

Please enjoy our preserves, and stay safe and healthy!


Paying Our Share  — Thanks to Member Support

The Phippsburg Land Trust makes an annual Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (usually called a  PILOT) to the Town of Phippsburg for the lands we own.

This year (2020) the payment was $1427.69; this calculation is based on the value of our fee owned properties as Open Space. Additionally a contribution was made to the Bob Cummings Conservation Fund.  The Bob Cummings fund is available to Phippsburg based individuals or community organization’s as grants for conservation oriented programs. 

We appreciate your support…so that we can show our support of our community.


Dogs are Welcome on Land Trust Property

We get this question periodically, so to be clear about our policy – dogs are allowed on lands owned by the Phippsburg Land Trust.  In accordance with Maine state statutes, and Phippsburg ordinances, all dogs must be under the control of their owners at all times.  Many of our properties are adjacent to private property, and as well behaved our dogs may be off leash in our own yard; new sights and sounds may elicit a different response at a preserve.  As such while in our parking lots, please keep your dog leashed.  As with anything else, please use common sense: do not allow your dog to threaten or interfere with wildlife, and remember that dog owners share our preserves with other walkers, who may feel threatened by your dog’s enthusiasm, no matter how well-intentioned. Please keep your dog nearby, so that you are able to ensure others (wildlife, humans, or other pets) are not harmed. We also expect that you “carry out” any waste, especially when near a water body, including bogs, streams or vernal pools. Finally, be sure your pet wears orange during hunting seasons.

Be aware that for lands where the Land Trust holds an easement, landowner policies may differ. Some easements, such as Mary’s Woods, involve passing through a landowner’s yard and near their home. To preserve the privilege of bringing your pet to these lands, be sure your dog is a well-behaved guest.

Help us in 2021: Volunteer!

At this time, Volunteer events will be scaled back dramatically until the COVID 19 pandemic and the need for social distancing and isolation has passed.  With Vaccines available now, we hope to hold more volunteer events this year – updates will be posted soon.  The Land Trust is a volunteer organization. We rely on the volunteer help of interested members of our community like yourself! If you are willing to help please email us at volunteer@phippsburglandtrust.org . No experience is needed, check out our Volunteer page for more details, and to see our scheduled events!