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Follow Route 209 into Phippsburg, if coming from out of town. At the Stony Brook Road, turn right (the Stony Brook Road is about 3.5 miles from the causeway at the Phippsburg/Bath town line).

Devil’s Highway is a left hand turn about .6 miles from the start of the Stony Brook Road. It is not always well signed (kids tend to run off with the road sign), but it is a dirt road with a fairly wide opening onto the Stony Brook Road with mailboxes. The left turn comes just as the Stony Brook Road is making a noticable turn.. If you’ve come to the Fuller Mountain Road, a similar left hand turn, you’ve gone too far.

The parking area is on the left as you travel Devil’s Highway; I believe it is about .4 miles onto Devil’s Highway. It is just past the third house on the right, I believe. You can’t see it on the Google Earth map, because it is a small wooded parking area (perhaps 4 cars can park there). If you come to the the area where there is a side road off to the left with houses, you’ve gone too far. There is a small PLT sign in the parking area.

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