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Volunteer Opportunities



Spring is here and the trails need our help!

Here is the updated schedule of volunteer opportunities:


Monday, May 14, 5-7pm at Small Point Preserve
Trim branches and small trees back to reestablish the trail.
Meet and greet new volunteers!
Tuesday, May 15, 1-4pm at Greenleaf Preserve
Trim branches and pick up sticks along the trail​.
Re-paint ​and place new ​blazes along existing trail.

Find, move, and position rocks to improve a difficult point.

Wednesday, May 16, 5-7pm at Ridgewell Preserve
Repair bog bridges along the first quarter-mile of trail.
​If still needed, dig in a post for the relocation of the map box.
Thursday, May 17th, 8:30​am​-12:00​pm (or slightly longer) at Cooley Preserve
Hike to South Perimeter Trail and walk it to clear blowdowns, sticks, and overgrowth.
​Mark problems on a preserve map or the GPS.​ 
​Place signage if needed to clarify the trails.
Other “pop-up” events might happen this week – let us know if you want to be on the notification list for other volunteer opportunities.

Remember, any plan can be dashed by the weather.
Please register with our coordinator to stay informed about any changes!
Email cbrunault@kennebecestuary.org or call 978-476-6457.

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For more information about what volunteers can do to serve the mission of the Phippsburg Land Trust, check out ourVolunteer Job Descriptions”.


Phippsburg Land Trust trails display iconic routed-wood signs that have been hand-made by volunteers and the Trust’s Board members for decades. We now need new signs for some trails, and would like to continue the tradition of creating these green and white, rustic signs by hand. We are seeking volunteers with experience or interest in woodworking and sign construction to learn the process. This volunteer commitment would likely involve at least 2-3 hours of work on a weekly or biweekly basis until the needed signs are constructed. Any interested volunteers will be welcomed, and those with their own woodshop area and/or tools are especially encouraged to volunteer. Contact volunteer@phippsburglandtrust.org for more details or to set up a date and time for sign construction training.

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Please contact the Stewardship Coordinator, Cheri Brunault at cbrunault@kennebecestuary.org to sign-up, especially if you have a large party.