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Stewardship Week 2022

Monday September 12th to Friday September 16th


Monday September 12th, 2022 — Ridgewell Preserve

Bog Bridge Updates/Removal: 9:30am to Noonish — Ridgewell is in need of some maintenance in its bog bridging along North Creek from the parking area to the Marsh Loop.  We will cut up and remove damaged sections, and relocate some others, a little trail widening may also happen.  Leader – Tim Richter

Invasive Plant Removal: 12:30pm – 3pm — Ridgewell’s parking area and trailhead have some Multiflora Rose and Japanese Barberry, which needs some control.  You get to learn invasive identification and take out your frustrations.  If you have a favorite pair of thick leather gloves, bring them along.  Leaders – Tenley Wurglitz/Tim Richter

Tuesday September 13th, 2022 — Sprague Pond

Invasive Plant Removal: 9:30am – 12 Noon — Several species of Invasive are making inroads along North Creek, including Japanese Barberry, Multiflora Rose, and Purple Loosestrife. All of these are quick spreaders, especially along water bodies.  Thick gloves will be helpful again, and though it might be a bit rainy that’s not bad weather for this activity.  We’ll let you know if we cancel.  Leader – Tenley Wurglitz

Bog Bridging – the sequel: 1pm to  4pm? — Whatever part of the Ridgewell project was left unfinished will be completed, and/or some replacement of some brigading further up the trail, and perhaps some trail reconstruction re using some of the good bridge timbers to build some trail supports/steps/ or water-bars. Leader – Tim Richter

Wednesday September 14th, 2022 — Cooley Preserve at Center Pond

Invasive plant removal: 9:30am to Noonish — are you sensing a theme yet?  Invasive plants are a problem everywhere on the Land Trust parcels, and regrettably, part of that is because we track the seeds around on our shoes as we walk. This event will go out along the North Perimeter trail to solve some Japanese Barberry issues.  Leader – Tenley Wurglitz

Schoolhouse Trail upgrades: 1pm to 4pm — The less used southern entrance to the Cooley Preserve needs some improvements, in wet areas and brush/overgrowth removal, and especially some water bars to limit and manage some erosion.  This will be a heavier work event, bring your muscles and a willingness to get dirty.  FOR THIS EVENT – due to parking limitation on site we will meet at the Cooley Pond parking lot on the Parker Head Road and we will Carpool from there to the site.  Leader – Tim Richter

Thursday September 15th, 2022 — Ridgewell Trail Maintenance

Brushing out the Red Trail:  9:30am to 12:30 — The Red trail at Ridgewell needs some clearing, the Huckleberry and other native plants up there grow at fantastic rates, and it’s time to thin that out and recover the trail again, hand clippers and loppers are our best friend here, and perhaps some gas/battery powered trimmers. It’s a good hike to the top of the hill, get your steps in and blood flowing.   Leader – Sam Annable

Ridgewell Trail Re-Blazing: 1pm to 4 pm — Several trails need some re-blazing, bring your artistic side and some precision – paint/brushes will be provided, and we will tackle the trails in most need.  Leader – TBA

Friday September 16th, 2022 —  Phippsburg Elementary School Outdoor Classroom day

Classroom cleanup: 9:30am to 12 Noonish — The outdoor classroom needs some basic level cleanup and brushing out, and the trails we created behind the school likely need some attention to an probably some re-blazeing, and you guessed it, once again there are invasive plants that could be cut back/removed.  We get a lot of great feedback about this outdoor classroom from the kids/school/parents and it is a great thing to keep up on. Leader – Tenley Wurglitz/Sam Annable

Bridge improvements at the Outdoor Classroom: 1pm to complete — The primary bridge behind the school needs some reworking to make it safer and longer lasting, we should be able to make some fixes easily with some battery powered tools and a bit of elbow grease. Leader – Sam Annable


Want to be involved in any of these projects – email us at volunteer@phippsburglandtrust.org – it helps us plan for what we can accomplish and know whom and how many volunteers to expect.  Can’t commit to the whole timeframe? Not to worry we can use you for as much time as you can allow.  


All the workdays are subject to weather, or last minute changes due to staffing we will try to make decisions at least 24 hours in advance.