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Photographs by Lynn Kay

Special Projects: Phippsburg Land Trust begins partnership with local schools.

By Lynn Kay; Board Member, Volunteer Coordinator, Public Initiatives 


A full day of Chewonki Foundation environmental education was provided to Phippsburg elementary school students in late March by the PLT.

Each age group enjoyed a presentation appropriate uk best essays.org to the grade curriculum.  The talented and well-versed Chewonki instructors brought their subjects to life by offering hands-on activities and live animals that kept the children spell-bound.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade were introduced to the differences between birds and mammals.

BirdThe 2nd Grade studied birds of prey and were visited by 3 different live owl species, rescue birds that can no longer live in the wild, but are cared for by the Chewonki Foundation and used for this sort of learning opportunity.  It was a “hooting” success!

The 3rd Grade, which studies forests as part of their regular curriculum, studied the “plumbing” of a tree and some of the things they might see in the woods when the Phippsburg Land Trust takes them on a follow up field trip in the Spring.

Using the diagram of a skeleton, the 4th Grade assembled an entire 16 foot Pilot Whale from a pile of mixed up essays services reviews.com vertebra!

The 5th Grade took their first live look at the creatures and denizens that define a Vernal Pool.  Later this Spring the town Conservation Commission will follow up by taking the 5th Graders on two separate  field trips to better understand and observe the seasonal changes in these special environments.

Phippsburg Land Trust is a strong believer in promoting environment education for our young people and getting them outdoors to enjoy and learn about our natural environment.


It’s great to see organizations like the Phippsburg Land Trust partnering with the Chewonki Foundation to provide valuable environmental education to students. This kind of hands-on learning is a fantastic way to engage young people and encourage a love and appreciation for nature. If you’re a student struggling with a homework writing or a nursing term paper writing, you might find inspiration in the activities and experiences provided by the PLT and Chewonki. Learning about the natural world can be an excellent way to spark creativity and critical thinking, and it’s also a subject that can be explored through a variety of academic disciplines.