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Photograph of Sprague Pond by Bob Cummings

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Photograph of Sprague Pond by Bob Cummings

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The properties of Phipppsburg Land Trust are open to all, year round, free of admission from dawn to dusk.

The Phippsburg Land Trust has purchased or acquired easement rights to nearly 800 acres since the late 1980s. We own about  450 acres outright and hold easements on the rest. All these lands were either donated by owners who wished to preserve the lands they loved for all time, or were purchased with contributions from our members and friends. We invite you to explore and learn more about these beautiful places. Below you will find more information about some of the preserves and easements you can explore. Please note that we offer guided walks on our preserves as well.


Photograph of Bijhouwer Forest Easement

Mountain Laurel in bloom

Bijhouwer Forest Easement This 73 acre forest is beautifully maintained and includes one of the northernmost stand of mountain laurel in New England. The laurel blooms in late June and early July. The forest also includes lovely seasonal waterfalls and “Hundred Foot Rock”, a huge bolder covered with leatherleaf lichen. Wildflowers, some rare, are found on this easement. Directions to Bijhouwer Forest Easement  Download a trail Map
Photo of Center Pond PreserveCenter Pond looking west Center Pond Preserve A variety of natural features are found on this 253 acre preserve, including vernal pools, high ledges, mixed woods, small streams, and a beaver pond. Some trails follow the shoreline of Center Pond while others encircle the beaver pond or traverse wooded ridges. Birding is excellent in this preserve and wildflowers are numerous. Directions to Center Pond Preserve
Photo of Noble Hill PreserveOld road into Noble Hill Noble Hill Preserve This 13.2 acre preserve was a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cunningham. The land features mixed woodlands and several acres of open fields as well as more than a quarter mile of Kennebec River shoreline and interesting vernal pools which abound with life in the spring. Outstanding views of the Kennebec are afforded by high rock ledges on the east side of the preserve and an overlook on the south side offers views of a small salt marsh. Directions to Noble Hill Preserve
Photo of Ridgewell PreserveTrail at Ridgewell Ridgewell Preserve This 46 acre preserve offers access to some very lovely views of Seguin Island and the Atlantic. The trail (orange) begins at Pride Rock Way, off Route 209, and passes by a marsh before ascending through woodlands to a ridge where a trail (white) leads to “Dinosaur Rocks” on town property. From the rocks, a short walk leads to the Seguin Island overlook. The white trail continues south through the Phippsburg Town Forest to Route 209. Directions to Ridgewell Preserve
Photo of Sprague Pond PreserveSprague Pond looking south Sprague Pond Preserve  This 114 acre preserve off Route 209 includes lovely woods and a nearly 10 acre spring-fed pond which is deep and cold–a real hidden jewel. A trail winds past a beaver pond and dam via a wooden footbridge and ascends through woods to Sprague Pond, then follows the elevated shore on the west side of the pond and continues through a wooded section north of the pond. Views of the pond from all vantages are beautiful. Directions to Sprague Pond Preserve
Photo of Sprague Pond PreserveView from summit of Cox’s Head Wilbur Preserve at Cox’s Head  This 10 acre preserve at the end of Cox’s Head road includes lovely woods and a stunning view from the summit. A 1/4 mile trail winds past a spring fed pond two thirds of the way to the summit which once provided water to the adjacent homes, and a Revolutionary War garrison on the summit.  Your easy ascent begins amongst a wild Apple Orchard which we are continually revitalizing. The view from the summit includes all of Atkins Bay, the western coasts of Gerogetown, and to the south the Popham Colony area, Popham Village, and of course Fort Popham and the islands off the beach. Directions to Wilbur Preserve

Spirit Pond McDonald

Spirit Pond from McDonald loop

McDonald Sanctuary  This 8.4 acre preserve comprises the north east shore of Spirit Pond between along route 209. This prime property, purchased by the land trust in 2012, now protects the last undeveloped shore of Spirit Pond. An Orange blazed loop trail winds through mixed forest, with extensive growth of ferns and two old farm walls. The loop trail is connected via a white trail to the two car lot to the south on 209, where it is closest to the ‘Pond.’  A bridge was built over the creek, which connects the McDonald loop to the Spriit Pond trails to the west.   Directions to McDonald Sanctuary  

Carrying Place Cove from Gamble Preserve

Gamble Preserve  This 2 acre preserve comprises the east shore of Carrying Place Cove in West Point village. This prime property, donated to the land trust in 1998, now protects public shore access, and prevents further development in the area.  A blazed loop trail winds through mixed forest, , down to the shore of Carrying Place Cove, a great wading spot at lower tides, and back to the parking.  The Gamble preserve is a solid example of how nature will reclaim land if the development is removed.  The entire lot was once clear and there was a small house on the property. Directions to Gamble Preserve 

Greenleaf Easement A short public walking trail through this easement leads to the Kennebec River and a small salt marsh on the bank. The remainder of the easement is private and not open to public access. Directions to Greenleaf Easement

Mary’s Woods at Cutting Creek This short but very beautiful walk along the uppermost reaches of Cutting Creek leads to the north end of the marsh. Autumn is an especially lovely time to visit Mary’s Woods, but the views are always wonderful regardless of the season. Directions to Mary’s Woods at Cutting Creek
Spirit Pond Preserve (State Land) The Phippsburg Land Trust acts as the steward of this preserve which lies along the north and west shores of Spirit Pond, a tidal pond near Popham Beach. The preserve includes an old mill dam, stone walls and beautiful views of the Morse River salt marshes. Additionally, birding in this area is excellent with many species of water and wading birds present. Directions to Spirit Pond Preserve   Download a Trail Map
Totman Cove  (Please note: The Beach at Totman Cove is restricted to Phippsburg taxpayers and their guests. A current Phippsburg transfer station sticker is required on cars parking at this preserve) The Phippsburg Land Trust holds an easement on this 88 acre preserve which is owned by the Town of Phippsburg. The jewel of the preserve is an undeveloped beach which is reached by road or by parking in the first lot and taking a short trail (somewhat rugged) to the west end of the beach. The North Creek Trail, a one mile loop along the serene creek begins at the east end of the beach near the parking area. Birdlife, wild mushrooms and other flora abound in this preserve. Directions to Totman Cove Preserve