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Sprit Pond - Photo by Carol Main

Phippsburg Land Trust Mission

The Phippsburg Land Trust preserves, protects and stewards special wild and natural places in Phippsburg for the benefit and education of our children, grandchildren and future generations.


Seasonal Awareness – Hunting Season opens!

Phippsburg Land Trust supports all traditional uses on our properties, that includes hunting and we would like to remind you all that the fall hunting season has arrived.  Wear your Blaze Orange!

Hunters:  You are welcome to hunt Phippsburg Land Trust properties providing that you follow all local and state hunting rules.  Please note that this permission only applies to the properties we own:  Sprague Pond, Ridgewell Preserve, and Cooley Preserve at Center Pond.  The other PLT Preserves are Easements, and therefore permission would have to be obtained from the property owner; or in several cases the properties are too small to support hunting or too near to residences to hunt safely.  And of course please be aware of your surroundings when hunting,  – know where residences may be in relation to your hunting area – and also know that you may be sharing your hunting space with people walking our trails.  Hunters also remember that at Sprague Pond you are adjacent to Nature Conservancy land in the Basin Preserve, their rules apply.

Trappers: Phippsburg Land Trust may provide written permission as required by Maine State regulation upon request.  Please contact us by email or at 207.443.5993

Walkers:  Its November, if you are walking our trails this time of year – take sensible precautions, wear Blaze Orange and especially on your dogs if you take them out to hike with you.  Remember that you might be sharing the land with a hunter at any time, but enjoy sharing our trails.

The important dates:

  • Saturday Oct. 29th, DEER Maine Resident Only
  • Monday Oct. 31st – Saturday Nov. 26th – DEER Firearms season
  • Monday Nov. 28th  – Saturday Dec. 10th – DEER Muzzleloader firearm (including the extended Muzzleloader in WMD 24)
  • Pheasant, Bobwhite Quail, and Ruffled Grouse ends Saturday Dec. 31st
  • Fall Wild Turkey ends Monday Nov. 7th


Phippsburg Land Trust to showcase newly conserved properties.

Funding needs and community benefits will be highlighted.

On Saturday Nov. 5th, the Phippsburg Land Trust will offer tours of the two newly conserved properties that make up the Morse River Wetland conservation project.  These properties were acquired this year, and PLT is raising funds to finance to assist with the purchase and stewardship of these properties.   This is the first opportunity for the public to view these important new holdings.  

The property tour is open to the general public, and will begin at 10 AM, Saturday the 5th; park along the roadside across from 1048 Parker Head Rd. (Near the southern junction of Parker Head Rd and Rte 209)  Land Trust board members Dan Dowd and Dot Kelly will lead the tour, which will begin at the McDonald Marsh Preserve, 19.6 acres of old forest, interesting ledge outcrops, and wetlands that feed Spirit Pond.  Details of the fundraising campaign will be discussed as well.  The group will then carpool to the 26 acre Morse River Marsh Preserve, where they will be treated to spectacular views of the autumn colors of the Morse River Marshes, state-rare Pitch Pine forest; 19th century stone walls, and the vast range of natural habitats contained in the preserves.

There are not yet any improved trails on the parcels, and there are some steep areas involved; so these tours may not be suitable for the begging hiker.  But if you are a seasoned hiker, this is a great opportunity to get out walking and be among the first to see these new Phippsburg Land Trust preserves.  As it will be in November, all hikers are encouraged to wear Blaze Orange; as hunting season will be open.

Land Trust seeks your help to protect Morse River wetlands.

Phippsburg Land Trust is overjoyed at the opportunity to add 46.6 acres to your preserves, protecting critical habitat, recreation opportunities, and preserving room for marsh migration that will occur in the future.  To do this we need your help.  We will be giving you; our valued supporters; multiple opportunities to do your part through donation, read on to learn more about this great opportunity.

Two parcels are involved in this campaign, both of which can be found on route 209.  The first is immediately to the east of the Bates College Shortridge Center, and contains approximately 400ft of frontage on the Morse River – very near to the headwaters of this important body of water.  The 27.7 acre parcel is bordered on its south by route 209 (Popham Rd.) and to the north by another privately held parcel, to the west is the Bates College Shortridge Center, and the eastern boundary is on the Morse River marsh north of Rte. 209.  This parcel contains a wide variety of flora and fauna: over a dozen each of tree species, shrub or woody plants, herbaceous (non-woody) plants; and is prime habitat for butterflies, migratory songbirds, and has been identified by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W) as a prime area for Deer Wintering.  In addition, it contributes to the waters of the Morse River. South of Rte. 209 the Morse River and its salt marshes are protected by the Bates Morse Mountain conservation area, and the state owned Spirit Pond Preserve, which protects the river to its meeting with the Atlantic.  Our purchase will protect the western side of the Morse River north of the Popham Rd.

The second parcel is the Northwest side of the road where Route 209 meets the southern end of the Parker Head Rd.  This 19.6 acre parcel is made up of a Peat Bog Freshwater Marsh and Rocky Highland that are the headwaters of the stream that empties into Spirit Pond from the north, also contributing therefore to the makeup of the Morse River. This parcel also contains varied topography and a similar mix of flora and fauna as the above described parcel, though it also contains more freshwater marsh species as well.  Across route 209 to the south lie the Spirit Pond Preserve and the PLT McDonald Sanctuary.  Acquisition of the new parcel will protect the waters of Spirit Pond, a tidal embayment that hosts many migratory shore birds, fish, and other flora and fauna.

More details about these new acquisitions can be found in our latest newsletter, as well as in the mail to you soon.  Both of these parcels sit in an area that has been identified by Maine IF&W as the Kennebec Estuary Resource Focus area – this area (in which the vast majority of Phippsburg is located) contains multiple ‘high occurrences’ of prime habitat for one or more species of animal or plant, or is a rare habitat in and of itself.

So how can you help? To be plain this is not an inexpensive endeavor, we acknowledge that we are purchasing both parcels at conservation friendly prices, a reflection of the current owners’ willingness to see the land preserved by PLT; but even so the price-tag for this opportunity is a hefty one at over $200,000.  We are actively seeking grant funding from various sources that assist in projects of this nature, but the funding is scarce this year and we are not the only ones asking.  That leaves us with you our loyal PLT membership, and we know that you will rise to the occasion as you have in the past such as you did with the McDonald preserve where you contributed well over half the total purchase price.  If you have given in the past, we ask that you give again today, if you can afford to give more than you did last year, we would greatly appreciate it.  But even if you can only give $25, it all ads up to a successful campaign and more protected land that you, your children, and their children can enjoy forever.

Stewardship Week Success!

Stewardship Week 2016 was AMAZING. Thank you to all our volunteers, who contributed over 140 hours to our trail improvement projects! Check out the list of accomplishments on our Volunteer page!


Dogs are Welcome on Land Trust Properties

We get this question periodically, so to be clear about our policy – dogs are allowed on lands owned by the Phippsburg Land Trust.  In accordance with Maine state statutes, and Phippsburg ordinances, all dogs must be under the control of their owners at all times.  As with anything else, please use common sense: do not allow your dog to threaten or interfere with wildlife, and remember that dog owners share our preserves with other walkers, who may feel threatened by your dog’s enthusiasm, no matter how well-intentioned. Please keep your dog nearby, so that you are able to ensure others (wildlife, humans, or other pets) are not harmed. We also ask that you “carry out” any waste, especially when near a water body, including bogs, streams or vernal pools. Finally, be sure your pet wears orange during hunting seasons.

Be aware that for lands where the Land Trust holds an easement, landowner policies may differ. Some easements, such as Mary’s Woods, involve passing through a landowner’s yard and by their home. To preserve the privilege of bringing your pet to these lands, be sure your dog is a well-behaved guest.

Paying Our Share  — Thanks to Member Support

The Phippsburg Land Trust makes an annual Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (usually called a  PILOT) to the Town of Phippsburg for the lands we own.

We appreciate your support…so that we can show our support of our community.

Help us in 2016: Volunteer!

The Land Trust is a volunteer organization. We rely on the volunteer help of interested members of our community like yourself! If you are willing to help please email Cheri Brunault at volunteer@phippsburglandtrust.org . No experience is needed, check out our Volunteer page for more details, and to see our scheduled events!