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North Creek by Carol Main

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Photograph of North Creek by Carol Main

Mountain LaurelPhippsburg Land Trust Mission

The Phippsburg Land Trust preserves, protects and stewards special wild and natural places in Phippsburg for the benefit and education of our children, grandchildren and future generations.

2013  Annual Meeting!

Thursday, August 15th, 6:30 PM Business Meeting, 7:00 PM Speaker
Sebasco Harbor Resort
Speaker:  Bob Healing –  Trustee of Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

“The Evil Twin of Climate Change – Ocean Acidification and the impacts on ocean life.”

Mark your calendars.  Bob Healing will discuss the importance of ocean microbes to life on earth and share Bigelow Labs research into the impacts of Climate Change on ocean creatures including Phippsburg’s clam beds.

Please join us for what is likely to be a very though provoking and locally applicable discussion on a subject that impacts us all.

FMI: 207.443.5993

Bigelow Lab


Paying Our Share  – Thanks to Member Support

The Phippsburg Land Trust makes an annual Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (usually called a  PILOT) to the Town of Phippsburg for the lands we own. We recently made a payment of of $2,162.74 for the tax years 2010-11 and 2011-12 ($1,081.37 each year).

How do we figure out how much to pay? We calculate what the taxes would have been on our 463 acres of land if they were taxable. We use the State of Maine’s Open Space program to value the lands (because our lands are undeveloped and accessible to the public.. and will remain so forever). We multiply the value of our lands by the current mill rate, and then, just like every other taxpayer in Phippsburg, we write a check to pay our fair share.

With the help of our generous members and supporters, the Land Trust also made an additional financial contribution to the Town of Phippsburg this year. Phippsburg is fortunate to have so many natural areas to explore, but we also have great community organizations and wonderful people – town employees, Phippsburg Elementary School staff, and full-time and summer residents. All of us together are what make Phippsburg such a special place to live and visit.

Our additional contribution to the Town of Phippsburg was $6,488.22, covering the two year period of July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2012. It’s an honor to pay our share — and to be a part of the community of Phippsburg, Maine.

We appreciate your support…so that we can show our support of our community.

A Wonderful New Gift

A wonderful and generous new gift has been presented to Phippsburg.  The Phippsburg Land Trust wishes to welcome everyone to our newest property, generously gifted by the Rankin family.  The Wilbur Preserve at Cox’s Head is rich with natural beauty, as well as historic significance.
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The Land Trust is a volunteer organization. We rely on the volunteer help of interested members of our community like yourself! If you are willing to help please call or email Lynn Kay at volunteer@phuppsburglandtrust.org . No experience is needed.