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North Creek by Carol Main

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Photograph of North Creek by Carol Main

Phippsburg Land Trust Missionoval


The Phippsburg Land Trust preserves, protects and stewards special wild and natural places in Phippsburg for the benefit and education of our children, grandchildren and future generations.



Annual Meeting  Thursday Aug 18th:
Save the Date!

The Annual Meeting of the Phippsburg Land Trust will be held Thursday evening, August 18th.  Once again we will be hosted by the ever generous Sebasco Harbor Resort.  A brief business meeting will be followed by a speaker on environmental issues.  We will also honor the passing of one of our founding members and long time board member Robert Cummings.

Second Saturday: Spring Wildflower Walk!


Mayflowers in bloom at Wilbur Preserve, April 2016 Photo by Cheri Brunault

Saturday May 14th

Location: Center Pond Preserve, on Parker Head Road
Leader:  Cheri Brunault

Join fellow flower enthusiasts to observe and photograph our native wildflowers and learn some of the keys to their identification. This should be the right time of year to find lady slipper orchids, and Cheri Brunault, PLT’s Stewardship Coordinator, will bring field guides to explore and identify what else is in bloom. Bring your favorite guidebook or borrow one of ours, and bring a notebook to record the names of the plants you find! Cameras are recommended, especially if there is no rain.
Questions? Want to  Contact cbrunault@kennebecestuary.org, or call 207-442-8400


Dogs are Welcome on Land Trust Properties

We get this question periodically, so to be clear about our policy – dogs are allowed on lands owned by the Phippsburg Land Trust.  In accordance with Maine state statutes, and Phippsburg ordinances, all dogs must be under the control of their owners at all times.  As with anything else, please use common sense: do not allow your dog to threaten or interfere with wildlife, and remember that dog owners share our preserves with other walkers, who may feel threatened by your dog’s enthusiasm, no matter how well-intentioned. Please keep your dog nearby, so that you are able to ensure others (wildlife, humans, or other pets) are not harmed. We also ask that you “carry out” any waste, especially when near a water body, including bogs, streams or vernal pools. Finally, be sure your pet wears orange during hunting seasons.

Be aware that for lands where the Land Trust holds an easement, landowner policies may differ. Some easements, such as Mary’s Woods, involve passing through a landowner’s yard and by their home. To preserve the privilege of bringing your pet to these lands, be sure your dog is a well-behaved guest.

Paying Our Share  — Thanks to Member Support

The Phippsburg Land Trust makes an annual Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (usually called a  PILOT) to the Town of Phippsburg for the lands we own.

We appreciate your support…so that we can show our support of our community.

Help us in 2016: Volunteer!

The Land Trust is a volunteer organization. We rely on the volunteer help of interested members of our community like yourself! If you are willing to help please email Cheri Brunault at volunteer@phippsburglandtrust.org . No experience is needed, check out our Volunteer page for more details, and to see our scheduled events!